My life in the bush of ghosts

1 Nov


1979-Talking Heads had just completed what for us was a long world wide tour after our Fear Of Music record came out. I then took some time to collapse and recuperate in NY. During this time Brian and Jon Hassel and I began to spend some time together enthusiastically exchanging cassettes and vinyl that we had each found. I seem to remember Jon playing some Milton Nasciamento, which I didn’t get at the time. I myself had a new fascination with African pop music, although aside from Fela there was little information available about any of the artists. There was no World Music guides at this point and no internet.

Maybe inspired by these records Brain, Jon and I fantasized about making a series of recordings based on an imaginary culture. We’d make the record and try to pass it off anonymously as the genuine article. This appealed for a number of reasons- it had a lovely Borges like quality, like one of his stories in which an encyclopedia is discovered that describes a hitherto unknown land. It also appealed, I suspect, partly because it would make us as “authors” more or less invisible. In our imaginings we’d release a record with detailed liner notes explaining the way music functioned in that culture and how it was produced- the kind of extensive notes common on those kinds of records. David Byrne

Produzido por Brian Eno e David Byrne, My life in the bush of ghosts é aquele tipo de disco em que muito se ouve falar mas que na prática pouco se escuta.

28 anos depois de lançado, Bush of ghosts continua soando atual, principalmente para nós guettotechers. Rock, funk, eletrônica, ambient, camadas de percussão, cânticos muçulmanos, samples de rádio fm, e até mesmo uma cerômina de exorcismo, são algumas das características desse disco obrigatório (avant-funk disseram alguns, etno-abstracionista, disseram outros).

Em 2006, Eno e Byrne relançaram Bush of Ghosts com mais uma penca de músicas extra além de terem colocado no ar um site muito bacana, repleto de citações, ensaios, críticas de jornais e periódicos. E mais: sob licença Creative Commons, foram liberadas as multitracks de duas faixas para remixes.

Bush of Ghosts precisa ser ouvido sozinho, com um bom headphone, under the influence. Ele é difícil, tenso, atmosférico, às vezes sinistro.

Brian Eno e David Byrne – My life in the bush of ghosts

1. America Is Waiting
2. Mea Culpa
3. Regiment
4. Help Me Somebody
5. The Jezebel Spirit
6. Very, Very Hungry
7. Moonlight in Glory
8. The Carrier
9. A Secret Life
10. Come with Us
11. Mountain of Needles

One Response to “My life in the bush of ghosts”

  1. le reuqor November 2, 2009 at 11:33 am #

    Esse é um dos meus discos favoritos de todos os tempos…foi a minha porta de entrada no universo da música árabe, há 20 anos atrás! acho foda até hoje!

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