Confronto Soundsystem – Mix Voadora

14 Apr

A rapaziada mais neurótica de Brasília aprontou esta mix que explora as diversas possibilidades do bass.

Confronto Soundsystem – Mix Voadora

1. Intro – Horsemouth and Brother Culture
2. The Vibes (ft. Sizzla) – Talen
3. Sniper Sniper (ft. Cutty Ranks) – Talen
4. If yu know yu cockie bruck dung – Drop The Lime / Guess
5. Bang Bang – Warrior Queen
6. Fill up mi portion (remix ft Afrikan Boy) – Toddla T
7. Tek it Off (Ft Capleton) – Kraddy
8. Sniper Sniper (Markus Kienzl rmx) – Talen
9. 90s Backyard – Poirier
10. Que viva (90s backyard riddim) – Poirier ft Boogat
11. Yellowtail – Geeneus
12. Shake it – Toddla T
13. Spot Clean – Schlachthofbronx (ft. Doubla J)
14. Reload Warrior (ft Warrior Queen) – Dub Terror
15. Puff that weed – Soom T

One Response to “Confronto Soundsystem – Mix Voadora”

  1. Lucio October 21, 2011 at 11:57 am #

    MUITO BOM! Otima seleção, e legal ver a cultura jamaicana ser mostrada assim, de uma forma atual, com diversas influencias, sem purismos. parabens Chico.

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